Classes at Solid Body are different than your typical classes at other gyms or studios! We often use circuits, where individuals have their own station, stations are limited at times. Many times classes are like small, private group sessions. A free session awaits if you have not tried a session at Solid Body before!


Classes last 60 minutes with exception of monday nights

BC = Boot Camp, ST = Sports Training

  • Monday- BC: 11am, ST: 3pm, ST: 4pm, BC: 5pm
  • Tuesday- BC: 6am, BC: 11am, BC: 530pm
  • Wednesday- ST: 3pm, ST: 4pm, BC: 6pm
  • Thursday- BC: 6am, BC: 11am, BC: 6pm
  • Friday- BC: 11am
  • Saturday- BC: 8am, BC: 10am

Boot Camp Rates

Enjoy 60 minute classes at set times.

$120 a month, unless under one year contract

$500 for 6 months

$800 for 1 year


Private Training

Enjoy 60 minute private sessions

$70 single session

$420 6 pack ($70 per hour)

$600 10 pack ($60 per hour)

$1,000 20 pack ($50 per hour)

Join a small group or partner up in a private session and save hundreds on a package (call for details)

Sports Training Rates

Special 60 minute Sports training at set times

$200 for 10 sessions

Single sessions $30

Mondays and Wednesdays
3-4pm 4-5pm

Kids Program

10 sessions for $200

Sessions only count when child attends

Every class has a major focus on fun and confidence building! Classes are separated by age.