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Voted Best of NKY 2014

Solid Body personal training was given a Best of NKY award for 2014!

Yoga is Finally on Its Way to Solid Body

Thats right! Yoga is Finally coming to Solid Body Personal Training!

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"I'm nearly 64 years old, I have RA, and my results have been amazing. I haven't had a flare since beginning bootcamp in October 2011. I look and feel better than i have in years."

-Tom Wisenall, Kenton Co.

"When I first started training with Mike I was so out of shape, I became exhausted after only 15 minutes. Mike took time to find out why I decided to train and what i wanted to accomplish. He advised me about diet as well, so it wasn't just about working out. I have worked up to one hour sessions and Mike has encouraged me to push myself a little further--that's where the workout pays off!! Now I participate in 5K's with my friends, this couch potato has come a long way!"

-Rae Bingamen-Two year Client

"Mike is an expert when it comes to strength and agility traing for specific sports. Both of my sons have had the pleasure of working with Mike and both have showed major improvements by the end of each session. Mike does a great job of keeping you busy without coming across like a drill sergeant. Anytime a parent or player asks me who i would recommend for strength and agility training I am quick to refer them to Mike. I have watched him work and seen the results."

-Todd Downs, Coach, Boone County HS