Speed and Agility

Quickness can be developed by virtually anyone willing to train the body to respond to the need to explode with a burst of applied energy. We use a number of proven techniques to improve both coordination and quickness for any aspiring athlete.

Body Toning

We can meet your appearance needs by helping you shape your body to add mass where you want it and to remove unwanted body weight where it is undesirable. whether you are looking to pack on extra muscle or slim down, we can make help make that happen.

Arthritis Management

According to the johns hopkins arthritis center, “physical activity is essential to optimizing both physical and mental health and can play a vital role in the management of arthritis. Regular physical activity can keep the muscles around affected joints strong, decrease bone loss and may help control joint swelling and pain. exercise also helps to enhance energy and stamina by decreasing fatigue and Improving sleep.”

General Fitness

Together we can reach your goals regardless of your age or current fitness level. A strong solid lean body makes living life easier and we can take you to your peak fitness level and beyond with proper nutrition and training.

Weight Loss/Nutrition

Eating the right things at the right times is all about body content planning. When you add targeted vigorous exercise, we can help “re-arrange the furniture” to get rid of unwanted weight and replace it with lean body mass. Attending our boot camp could easily have you shedding at least a pound a week.

Sports Training

We tailor bodies to increase performance for specific sports. Reaching your full potential consists of developing the right muscle groups.

Injury Prevention Female Athletes

It is widely known that female athletes suffer as many as six times the number of ACL tears as their male counterparts. many studies have now shown up to a 70% reduction in these types of injuries with the appropriate training.


Our goal is to develop situational awareness and build the confidence needed to protect yourself and loved ones if ever a confrontation occurred while also enhancing your core strength and stamina through striking drills and defense related circuit training.